Being the number one amongst so many mobile applications on the industry is extremely hard and at the same time challenging. A research data from Statista found that there are around 3.5 billions apps and 2.2 millions apps on Google and Apple app stores.

Trying to get mobile phone users to give your application a shot when there are over thousands of competitors isn’t ideal. However, there are strategies you can do to level up in the field and turn any situations to your advantage. Below are powerful strategies that will surely boost downloads of your mobile application.


Specific Keyword Research

Just like with SEO, app stores show results for mobile applications based on the words users type and in search queries. For this reason, it’s important to be accurate and specific when selecting which keywords you want to target your mobile application.

If you will choose keywords that have very high search volumes, you’re basically hurting your app. You won’t be able to outrank apps and if you did, users may feel unsatisfied with your output as it may not meet their requirements.



Making The Most of Images and Graphics

If you want to catch the attention of users browsing the marketplace, you need to make sure that every pixel on your imagery is working to your advantage. It is estimated that over 5,000 apps are released daily on just the App Store, so you really have to strive to stand out as much as possible.

Make your app icon memorable and unforgettable. It’s reasonable to make your app appealing to users in order to stand out amongst other apps on menu. The number of times your application is used also adds value in your appearance on app stores, and making sure your icon can be easily distinguished is the first step.


Adding Online Strategies for Your Application

It doesn’t require a lot of effort to go an extra mile for users, but it will surely improve your relationship with them.

If you create a website for your mobile app, this allows you to have a better dialogue with users – supports feedback and updates. In addition, it is certainly useful for new users that are looking for information.

This is also applicable to website reviews. By connecting to mobile app review sites you can boost downloads. You can also encourage users to share your app with social media features that are coded into your app.

Never consider paying for app reviews since many easy to identify services promise great reviews but leaves nasty footprints behind. This damages your reputation and can even get your app penalized or get removed from the app store due to terms and conditions.