Technology Today

Who’d have believed that men could be so bright and smart that we have produced a good deal of these wonderful things around us? With this age of technology, one would not be caught carrying one essential device, which is as a result of rapid technological developments.

The phone you’re using to make calls as well as receive calls, the more music you are listening to right now using a small player just attached to a body, the ‘personal’ computer that you carry around anywhere you go. These are all products of technology. And it changes things forever.

Tech is said to be the consequence and also the by-product of engineering and science fiction. So perhaps we can now predict the engineers and scientists, that the technologists. In this modern era, tech gadgets sprout just like mushrooms. Really fast, and always changing.

Just picture people totally depend on it. Like if you are going on a vacation, what things do you bring with you? These are mostly the items in the back packs: a cell phone, digital camera, radio or MP3 player, either a laptop or a tablet.

A cell phone to receive and make important calls and messages, a camera for you take pictures of this location, a music player to amuse you, and a notebook or tablet to keep your pending tasks even if you’re on the road. So try imagining life without all these extra conveniences.

So we will not be surprised that by the following year or so, a compact version of of the gadgets mentioned above will likely be available on the industry. Just one really useful device, to do those things. So when can we stop, you ask? Never. As long as humanity still exists, we should still be able to pull off a couple of thousands more.